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Children’s Fund

The Children’s Fund Scholarship program was established to provide primary and secondary scholarship assistance for dependents (Kindergarten – 12th grades) of our nation’s service members. By standing in the financial gap of the more than one million dependents adversely affected by war, Folds of Honor is honoring their sacrifice by educating their legacy.

2019-2020 Children’s Fund Scholarship Policies

  • Applications will be accepted February 1, 2019 – March 31, 2019.
  • Scholarships awards are up to $5000 per academic year (starts Aug. 1, 2019). If, after completing the acceptance form, it is determined that the awardee has an unmet need of less than $5000, FoH will only disburse the actual unmet need as shown on the statement of account and will retain the remaining balance.
  • Scholarships are for one (1) of the following categories: private school, online school or tutoring services.
  • Applicants must reapply each year they are interested in receiving funds from Folds of Honor
  • All application information must be submitted through the Folds of Honor online portal. Documentation is not accepted via email or over the phone.
    Offer or Denial notifications will be sent June 2019.

Children’s Fund Applicant Qualifications

  • enrolled in an accredited private school, online school or tutoring institution;
  • AND dependent of a service member – must provide front and back of your current military ID (must show service member as sponsor), preferred;
  • OR State-Issued Birth Certificate (must list service member as parent);
  • AND/OR State-Issued Marriage Certificate (if step-child), adoption papers (if adopted child), legal documentation to support guardianship (if legal ward).
    Age 5 (by September 1, 2019) and enrolled in full-time Kindergarten

Children’s Fund Service Member Qualifications (used to qualify applicants)

*Most current/final DD214/DD1300-used to verify SM name, branch, rank, years of service, decorations, and character of service; guard or reserves may not reflect most current service (additional upload bar in application may be used for service member’s military ID to verify current rank)

*Current year VA Benefit Summary Letter (click here to go to to obtain your current copy); must include the service member’s combined service-connected evaluation of at least 90% or higher (we do not use the compensation rating) – used to determine service member’s combined service-connected rating (even if other documentation has been accepted in the past, this is the only document that will be accepted moving forward).

Classification must be one of the following:

  • KIA – must provide DD1300
  • KILD (includes suicide) – must provide DD1300
  • Deceased with a VA disability rating-post separation (includes accident, illness or suicide) – must provide service member’s final VA Benefit Summary Letter AND DD214
  • Loss of Limb – must provide service member’s current year VA Benefit Summary Letter AND DD214 AND medical proof of limb amputation (hand, arm, foot or leg)
  • Wounded in Action – must provide service member’s current year VA Benefit Summary Letter AND DD214 AND Purple Heart documentation
  • Disabled with a VA disability rating (90% or higher) – must provide service member’s current year VA Benefit Summary Letter AND DD214

Children’s Fund Institution Qualifications (used to qualify applicants)

  • Valid private school name and address AND proof of enrollment document from the school
  • OR Valid tutoring institution name and address AND invoice/estimate from the company (individuals are not approved)
  • OR Valid online school (private online school that charges tuition) name and address AND proof of enrollment from the school;
  • AND Valid school/institution phone number, email and web address (used to vet the school/institution)

*Special note for tutoring applicants: The Folds of Honor Children’s Fund Scholarship cannot be used to subsidize ACT/SAT prep. It is intended for core subjects such as the following: K-5 math, reading/language arts, social studies and science; 6-8 math, English, social studies, and science (can include foreign language); 9-12 math English, social studies, and science (can include foreign language).

Funds will be sent in two equal payments to the tutoring institution, not to exceed $2500 per term (August – December and January – May). A check in with required information will need to be completed before the second half of the funds can be released.

Children’s Fund Financial Need Qualifications (used to qualify applicants)

  • Up to $5000 maximum award per year. Awards based on “unmet need” as entered in the application. Please be as accurate as possible when entering this figure. If, after offered an award, the recipient submits documentation that shows an unmet need of less than what is entered in the application, the awarded amount will be adjusted and only the amount needed will be sent.

Terms of Use: If offered, the Folds of Honor scholarship must be accepted and additional information provided by a set July deadline each year. The restricted scholarship must be used for approved educational purposes such as tuition, most fees, approved, required books or approved, required school uniforms. Funds will be sent to an approved/accredited educational institution and will not be sent to an individual (student or otherwise). Any unused/refundable funds are to be returned to Tulsa Community Foundation on Folds of Honor’s behalf.
Folds of Honor, with approval from the Board of Directors, reserves the right to change, cancel, or amend this policy as it deems necessary for the benefit of all awardees.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a page currently in development. Any information on this page is for development purposes and not accurate.