Families of Folds | Jami Hancock

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Folds of Honor Recipient:

Jami Hancock

In Honor of:

Navy Seaman Steven A. Hancock.

Jami is the spouse of Navy Seaman Steven A. Hancock. She is a college junior majoring in Social Work/Psychology at Colorado State University in Pueblo, CO.

Last year she found her career path in a twist of fate. Wanting to stay closer to home to be with her Steven, Jami changed her pursuit of a Ph.D. in psychology to social work. She hopes to use her degree to work with special need students and veterans.

Tell us about your service member

“My husband has helped mold me into the person I am today. Without him, I would have either waited to go back to school or settling into my current job. After sustaining multiple injuries in Bahrain, with countless struggles stemming from them, he is still the strongest person I know. Nothing keeps him down.”