Fundraiser Story – Moustablish and No Shave November

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It began with growing facial hair. It’s transformed into changing lives.

About six years ago, Jason Lauber, took the “No Shave November” trend that was growing in popularity to the next level. Instead of growing facial hair just to grow facial hair, he did it to raise awareness for a cause.

After about two years of raising awareness on his own, he linked up with a couple friends to create their own community fund, Moustablish.

The mission behind Moustablish? “To raise community awareness for local and national charities that not only give to worthy causes, but promise to keep operational costs low to recognize the greatest impact for their recipients,” Lauber said.

Moustablish operates on a foundational belief that all people that can give back, should give back by lifting up those that are in need or have served their community to help others, and they seek to work with organizations who hold this same belief.

After two years of working with another charity, Moustablish sought to find one that resonated more with the individuals who were involved with Moustablish. According to Lauber, Folds of Honor fit perfectly into what they were looking for.

Being based in Kansas City, MO, Lauber and the Moustablish team were able to connect and work hand in hand with the Folds of Honor – Kansas City Chapter, a factor Lauber said was integral in their decision to join the Folds of Honor mission.

The first year Moustablish supported Folds of Honor, was 2015. In addition to spending the month growing facial hair, they hosted a one day event at a local crossfit gym. They asked for donations as admission and sold small items such as t-shirts, hats, etc. Those within the Moustablish group were asked to raise money for the month in order to waive their entrance fee, or pay a one time fee at the door.

Last year, they focused on utilizing the new Folds of Honor do-it-yourself fundraising platform, with no event or activity included. According to Lauber, “It was successful and easy to put on.” They ended up raising over $2,000.

In addition to using the DIY online fundraising, Moustablish hosted a small, private event including a silent auction and plated dinner. This event ended up raising over $3,000.

Between 2015 and 2016, Moustablish has raised over $10,000 for educational scholarships for the spouses and children of our fallen and disabled service members.

They are changing lives.

“As I see Folds,” Lauber said, “I see a charity that is based in what our core values are…supporting our country, specifically the military, offering up a gift of furthering education not just a handout, and making sure that funds brought in are used for the recipients, not watered down by excessive operational costs. I see true value in the cause that Folds supports.”

Lauber and the Moustablish team are an incredible group of patriots and a great example that anything can be used as a means to do good. Even growing facial hair.

We are beyond grateful for the support and empowerment Moustablish has provided the families of those who have sacrificed for our freedoms, and we are honored that they have chosen to stand with us.