Erica Binkley
South Texas
June 2020

The Campbells

What is your role or connection to Folds of Honor: My husband and I have volunteered locally in Houston for the past 11 years.

What is your chapter connection: I am the Secretary for the South Texas Chapter (Houston)

Are you a veteran: Yes. I am a proud Army Veteran.

How long have you served: I enlisted while in high school with the plan of making it a career. Unfortunately, I was injured and was medically discharged after a year and a half.

How did you find Folds of Honor: Our good friend Diane Nemecek called to ask for us to be a sponsor for The Veteran Golf Tournament 11 years ago, and we have been boots on the ground ever since.

What does this scholarship mean to you and/or your family? The scholarships provide an opportunity for families that have sacrificed so much for our great country, that they otherwise would not have. We have twins attending Oklahoma State University, so we understand the hardship of having to pay for tuition. The scholarships help lift some of the burden.

As an organization, what drew you into supporting Folds of Honor? What values do you appreciate most about the organization? When you meet the recipients and hear their stories and how much the scholarships mean to them. It’s easy to want to help however we can. The military community is one big family and that carries over at Folds of Honor. We’re one big family and we have to look out for each other.

Is there any experience you can share from when you were in school that had a lasting impact on your life that shaped who you are today? Growing up my dad was a police officer and my uncle was 25th Infantry—they were my heroes. I knew from an early age that I would defend my country and my family, against any enemy and stick up for those unable to. My husband and I have raised our three kids to have the same respect and values that we grew up with.

As a Folds of Honor supporter, what events have you enjoyed most? My favorite “event” is a Folds of Honor check presentation. As a veteran and a board member, I love being able to thank our supporters for their donations and let them know how important their support is to our recipients.

What about Folds of Honor makes you feel excited about sharing our mission with others? When you meet a recipient, or talk to their parent, and hear about the amazing things they are going to do with their education, it’s hard not to be excited to share the mission. These kids are going to do great things and make a huge impact on our world.

How do you celebrate the Army’s birthday? My husband is an Army veteran and our son is an Army ROTC cadet at Oklahoma State University – GO POKES! We are loud and proud with our Army gear and flags flying high.