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On June 8th, 2007, Grand Haven Golf Club in Michigan, a public golf club held what would become the very first Patriot Golf Day event. It had a singular mission: to raise educational funds to benefit a child of a fallen military hero who had been killed serving our country. There were no major sponsors, no national television coverage, no celebrities at the event, no large checks.

The total amount raised from that event: $8,513.

Out of that first event in Grand Haven, and with the support of the PGA of America, The Folds of Honor foundation was formed and Patriot Golf Day was launched on a national platform.  Since then, Patriot Golf Day events have become the single largest revenue generator for Folds. In 2015 alone, PGA professionals from thousands of golf facilities across America, both private and public, helped raise more than $6,400,000 in contributions helping Folds award over 10,000 scholarships to date.

The Folds of Honor has grown from a vision into a movement, with the folded flag as a constant reminder of those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Thank you to every PGA Professional for embracing the call to help educate their children and dependents.

In celebration of ten years of Patriot Golf Day events, The PGA Magazine and Bushnell have partnered with Folds of Honor to celebrate every PGA facility and their professionals which help The Folds of Honor raise $8,513 or more from a Patriot Golf Day activity. As a thank you to each of those clubs and professionals, the magazine will recognize the people behind each of these Patriot Golf Day Events quarterly.

If your golf facility is looking for ways to grow its support and become part of the 8513 club, please email a member of the Folds of Honor Patriot Golf Day team at [email protected]

Thank you in advance for joining us on this noble mission. 

We Salute You.