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Patriot Golf Day Patriot Profile
Head PGA Golf Professional: Stanley P. Gorham
Facility: The Pompey Club, Pompey, New York

In 2007, the Pompey Club in Pompey, New York began participating in Patriot Golf Day with the help of Stanley Gorman, the former Central New York PGA president and owner of the Pompey Club. In its initial year, the club raised thousands of dollars through a golf tournament for Folds of Honor. Since then, the tournament has grown and private member donations have more than doubled.

What does being involved with a non-profit like Folds of Honor mean to you and how does the club participate?
“I first heard about Folds of Honor through the PGA and Major Dan Rooney, and I was one of the first member professionals that became involved in Folds of Honor. I was interested because it combined golf and the military, both of which have always been near and dear to my heart. I grew up with my mother and stepfather who served in the Airforce. After serving in the Airforce, my stepfather became involved in education, and worked for the government in Western Germany, where I grew up on a military base. As a kid, I remember soldiers unloading the silver boxes with flags on them, which was symbolic for those that were coming back from Vietnam and had passed away during the war. As a result, I learned from an early age that freedom is not free.”

“In 2007, our club – the Pompey Golf Club in Pompey, New York began participating in Patriot Golf Day. In its initial year, we had 5-6 groups that participated in our tournament. In 2009, with the help of Tony Biata, our section president at the time, Major Dan Rooney came to visit the Central New York section. Major Dan Rooney’s visit generated increased awareness and donations for Folds of Honor. Today, our section is one of the greatest supporters in the country for the organization. Since 2007, the tournament has more than doubled in participants and money raised for Folds of Honor. We also receive a significant number of private donations from members throughout the year. Many of our members come from strong military backgrounds and fully support Folds of Honor.”

What makes your event so special?
“Our event is made special through the membership and our staff. A majority of our members are veterans themselves or have personal, family connections to the military. In fact, in honor of the military and the men and women who support our country, the members as well as staff wear red at the club each Friday.”

“This year, we plan to continue our annual tournament, but make it even bigger. We are planning to partner with another club, which also supports Folds of Honor. The PGA professional at this club holds the military near and dear to his heart. Together, we are anticipating 144 golfers will participate in the tournament and we will raise a significant amount of money to be donated to Folds of Honor.”