Fundraising Tools

We offer our Patriot Golf Day partners access to dedicated Fundraising Tools to use at their convenience. Having access to these materials saves time and minimizes the hassle of creating Folds of Honor content. Check out a list of our resources below.

Online Fundraising

Use the below tools to maximize your fundraising efforts and impact for our military families.



Donation Forms

To mail a donation, please use our print-friendly form and mail your donation to:

OFFLINE Donation form


Patriot Golf Day Kit

We’ve put together a kit to help you kick-off your fundraising efforts. Below is the PGD Kit content below.

Welcome Letter

PGD Best Practices

PGD Poster & Flyer

Donation Form

Social Media Graphics


PLayer Gift Pack


1. Ahead Hat
2. FoH Golf Towel
3. FoH Divot Tool
4. FoH Brochure
5. FoH Gift Bag
6. FoH Car Decal



$69 per package

1. 3’x5’ FoH Flag
2. 12”x18” American
Flag (36 count)
3. 3’x5’ Banner


Freedom Marker


1. 50 Commemorative
Ball Markers
2. Marker Honors a
Fallen Hero
3. Counter Display


Social Media

Show your friends, co-workers, and community that you participate in Patriot Golf Day to help support our troops and their families. #patriotgolfday #istandwith #foldsofhonor





Patriot Golf Day Social Media Posts

    • By supporting my Patriot Golf Day [insert event, marathon, activity], you are pledging to stand with our military, both past & present. Learn more about how to get involved by visiting the Golf Shop today.


    • Show your USA pride by supporting my Patriot Golf Day [insert event, marathon, activity]. Patriot Golf Day is the largest grass-roots golf fundraiser providing educational scholarships for the children and spouses of our fallen and disabled service-members.


    • My Patriot Golf Day [insert event, marathon, activity] gives you the opportunity to salute our military men & women whose sacrifice has granted us the freedom we enjoy every day. Join the mission to ensure their families are taken care of by pledging my efforts.


    • Patriot Golf Day, where golfers, patriots, and military men & women come together with one mission – provide educational support for the families of fallen or disabled military heroes.


  • Duty. Honor. Country. These three words reverently dictate what you ought to be. What you can be. What you will be. By supporting my Patriot Golf Day [insert event, marathon, activity], you evoke these three things. Honor the Duty of those who have sacrificed for our Country. Visit to learn more.



The easiest way to share our videos is directly from our channel on Vimeo. However, if you need a hard copy, you can download one below.



Download .mp4

PSA (:30)

Download .mp4

PSA (:15)

Download .mp4

Press Releases

Below are press releases templates for your Patriot Golf Day event to help you achieve maximum exposure in your support of our military families.


Media Alert Template

Local Press Template

National Press Template

Event Exclusive  Catalog

Folds of Honor has many great Golf Industry Partners who offer exclusive merchandise to those great patriots hosting Patriot Golf Day fundraising activities.  It is a great way to give back to the mission while providing exclusive merchandise to those participating in your golf event. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of vendors who are part of our Event Exclusive Catalog.

Please contact the PGD Team at [email protected] for access to the catalog.