Helping Hands

Children’s Fund

The Children’s Fund Scholarship program was established to provide primary and secondary scholarship assistance for dependents (Kindergarten – 12th grades) of our nation’s service members. By standing in the financial gap of the more than one million dependents adversely affected by war, Folds of Honor is honoring their sacrifice by educating their legacy.

2020-2021 Children’s Fund Scholarship Guidelines

  • Applications will be accepted February 1, 2020 (9:00 am eastern time) – March 31, 2020 (6:00 pm eastern time)
  • Scholarship awards are up to $5000 per academic year (starts August 1, 2020). If, after completing the acceptance form, it is determined that the awardee has an unmet need of less than $5000, FoH will only disburse the actual unmet need as determined by the statement of account and financial aid statement and will retain the remaining balance.
  • Scholarships are for one (1) of the following categories: private school or tutoring services (individuals are not approved).
  • Applicants must reapply each year they are interested in receiving funds from Folds of Honor
  • All application information must be submitted through the Folds of Honor online portal. Documentation is not accepted via USPS, fax, email or over the phone.
  • Offer or denial notifications will be sent via the registered email on the account during July 2020.
  • All funds are sent to the educational institution. No funds are sent or released to an individual.

To apply for a Folds of Honor Children’s Fund Scholarship:


  • Review the Scholarship Guidelines found above.
  • Print the Children’s Fund Scholarship Checklist found here and obtain all of the required documentation.
  • Go to (bookmark the landing page!) and scroll to the bottom of the page to create a new account (or login if you have previously created an account).
  • Click on 2020 Children’s Fund Scholarship Application to start a new application (please only start one application per academic year).
  • If you happen to have more than one student applying to the scholarship with the same email address (account), the next pop up will be very important to you. This feature will allow you to “name” the application so you can track it easier when logging into the account. (Eg. Bob’s app and the next one you start can be named Sally’s app.)
  • Start with the first section; 1. CF Applicant Information.
  • Continue through the sections until you come to the end of the application.
  • On your dashboard (the page that shows the icons of all the sections), there is a dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner that says Choose Action. Click on the dropdown menu and select Preview Application. This feature will allow you to view the entire application that you have just completed, section after section.
  • Review the answers you have provided OR click the Printer Icon in the top right-hand corner of the page to print a copy of the application. *This view does not show the uploaded documents! Please make certain you review those separately to ensure they are the information you are intending to upload!
  • Once you are satisfied that you have completed the application, return to your dashboard. In the top right-hand corner, next to the Choose Action dropdown, click the red Final Review and Submit button.