A wingman is a pilot who supports another pilot in a potentially dangerous flying environment.

A Folds of Honor Wingman dutifully supports the pursuit of education for our military families affected by war. Committing to provide aid in the form of a recurring donation, starting at $13/mo.

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Why 13?

The Flag of the United States of America is folded 13 times before it is handed to the family at the burial of their fallen service-member.

Each fold of the flag has a significant meaning. After the thirteenth fold, when the Flag is completely folded, the stars are uppermost reminding us of our Nation’s motto, “In God We Trust.”


The Wingman program provides much-needed funding for educational scholarships for the children and spouses of our military heroes. By joining our ranks of monthly donors, as a token of our appreciation, we will send you an exclusive kit to show your Wingman pride, knowing you are making a generational difference for our country’s service-men and women. Additionally, each month, our squadron of Wingmen will receive regular updates about a special family whose life has been changed because of your support.

Their need is great. Their battle is ours. Join our ranks.

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